Müs is an illustrator and designer, born in Zambia and raised
in Johannesburg. He traverses the two worlds of traditional and digital
approaches toward art-making, as well as those of contemporary art
and creative industry. Musonda’s integration of various media and contexts
make his art unexpected and moving. Formerly part of award-winning brand
agency, Grid Worldwide, he now works independently, conceptualising short
and long term projects that question social reality and galvanise empathy
through characterisation and illustration, alternating between bold lines, tonal
depth, and slight movement in GIF form. 
One of his many personal projects, a comic strip titled No Narrative, is published regularly on Instagram, exploring life as a young person in South Africa, covering, he explains ‘everythingfrom the struggle for self-actualisation to what it’s like being in an interracialrelationship in 2018. All the stories are very personal but very universal at thesame time.’
My work has been featured by the Sunday Times, The Mail& Guardian  & Design Indaba  BETWEEN 10&5.
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