Artists I respect - Christoph Nieman
Formal & Contextual Analysis 

Illustration by Christoph Neiman for MuseumsQuartier, Vienna


The artwork is a landscape painting.
- The artist uses a combination of horizontal and diagonal lines to create movement in the piece showing us that the car in the foreground is moving.
- The subjects are located in what looks like a snowy forest. Their clothes seem to hint at winter.

There is a couple placed slightly off-centre they seem to be kissing each other. The car has splashed them with mud but this hasn’t spoiled their moment this could be to emphasise the intensity of the kiss. Both subjects are lost in the moment.

The abstract black shapes have been used to create the illusion of a car in the foreground, The couple in the middle ground & the trees in the background. The artist has carefully used varying line widths and positive and negative space to communicate different subject matter.



Wider Contexts
The artwork was created for the 2018/2019 Winter Campaign of MuseumsQuartier, Vienna. The artwork was created for promotional purposes. It was also used to communicate the theme of romance.