Ke December

Ever wondered what the festive season is like in South Africa?
The peeps at Over certainly wanted to know, so they commissioned some graphics
for their app.
1. The South African Santa rides a rickshaw not a sleigh
2. The two sides of the festive season.
3. Festive sayings
4. The quintessential Christmas gift, secret Santa's favourite, New clothes.
5. A gift from the, "I wanted to get you something useful" types. Hand sanitiser and a mask. 
6. Our version of the nativity scene.
7. Slap some meat on the braai and grab your favourite drink. It's christmas.
8. Pap, veggies & leg of lamb.
8. Braai meat, a festive favourite.
9.Is Christmas even complete without granny's malva pudding?
10. Some Christmas tree decorations courtesy of the wire craftsmen at the traffic lights.
11. This springbok identifies as a reindeer.
12. The only day of the year when the kids get to stay up until  midnight.
13. 2021 baloon typography
14. The longest month of the year, Janu-Worry.