The artwork  is about a couple grieving the end their relationship.
The theme is set in Sub-Saharan Africa during the seventies.

The era resonated because of the way musicians express love.
It's soulful, funky & touching.

The aim was to show the ambivalence of heartbreak. 

Role - Illustrator, Video Editor, Director 
Client - Adobe Fresco
Task - Create an original artwork & 3 minute tutorial showing
how to use the Adobe fresco vector brush.
Production time - 6 May - 31 May 

Grieving isn’t a linear process,
it’s chaotic and uncomfortable.
It makes time stand still.
The butterflies once felt
turn to razor-blades.

Somehow we keep moving.
The sun and moon do their thing
some days we receive
some days we deceive.
But we’re moving
the momentum slowly gets
stronger than the deception
so we stop fighting it &
stop fighting ourselves.

We dance with it, & even though
we loose our rhythm sometimes
It’s comforting to know
the clock is moving with us