In high school, I wanted to be an Architect. Graphic design was my second option. All I really wanted was to give my parents bragging rights at family reunions and dinner parties. "My son is an Architect" sounded like the line that would make that possible.
I applied at UJ & got rejected, twice, Not only for Architecture but even for Graphic Design.
In retrospect, my grade 11 marks were average at best. So my application was a shot in the dark
I felt humiliated and hopeless. I felt like the biggest failure. I was humbled, but I didn’t lose hope.

My Dad always stressed the importance of taking the initiative. So that's what I did. Between January and June 2012 I worked hard & improved my marks. There is one issue though, I couldn’t apply with my grade 12 June results at UJ, but I found a place where I could. Unfortunately, it was 1400km away in Cape Town.
I’d never been there, so it was scary. The application deadline was looming so wasted no time. The scar of the previous rejection was still raw, & I wasn’t sure If I could retake it. I was terrified. 
A few months later the letter arrived and I was accepted! It’s one of my proudest moments
because I saw myself persevering.
My illustration career started with two painful rejection letters. But I made a choice on the rejections and allowed them to guide me. Rejection stings differently every time but I think it can be transformed.