I can't entirely agree that simply knowing the right people is 
a one-way ticket to success.
The notion that "It's ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW 🧐 " is one of the most toxic and disempowering ideas.

Knowing the "right" people helps, but only, and I repeat, ONLY when you can provide value. I can't entirely agree that knowing the right people is a one-way ticket to success. The right people won't hire you simply because you're such a friendly guy or because you reached out.

If you're in the early stages of your career, develop your craft & prove that you're worth hiring. Take ownership of your job, and the right people will find you. You might already know the right people but haven't demonstrated your value.

No one can steer your ship in the right direction if you haven't decided your destination. Take ownership of your career. IT'S NOT ABOUT WHOM YOU KNOW; IT'S ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN PROVIDE.